NorthYork Moors Microadventure

Last weekend I went out to photograph some of the waterfalls on the North Yorkshire Moors; wanting to visit and explore Whitby and the coast the following day I slept below Captian Cook’s Monument which offers a great view west along the northern edge of the moors as they drop steeply into the plain of the Tees Valley.

The location is also a good spot for a picture of Roseberry Topping, an iconic little hill of the north and to my mind a min Stac Polly.  Currently the sun sets just behind the hill giving a lovely if commonly used composition. Arriving with the light failing and not knowing the location I did not find a good set up for the shot and did not feel like gatecrashing another photographer who had, instead I captured an image looking over the valley as the sun lit up the clouds a spectacular yellow and gold.

The following morning I did dial the best shooting locations for my next visit before heading to Whitby. I had wanted to visit Black Nab, another very commonly shot location but the tides were wrong so contented myself with some long exposures of the breakwater.

Cook (3 of 3)

Roseberry Topping

Cook (1 of 3)


Cook (2 of 3)

Morning view

whitby (1 of 1)

Whitby southern breakwater


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