Milecastle Microadventure (No.18)

Milecastle 37 on Hadrian’s Wall is perched high on the Win Sill a rocky outcrop facing the north forming a natural barrier the Roman engineers utilised in the construction of the wall. Those expecting Game of Thrones levels of engineering would probably be disappointed at the way the wall now bless into the landscape, but I’ve always loved visiting this wild and remote part of England.

Ive camped in nearby mile castle 39 before but 37 is better positioned and still has the footing of the small rooms that would have sheltered the troops 1800 years ago. It’s in one of these that I pitch the tarp, my first wild camp since lockdown ended is welcome although the frustration of so many wasted months and postponed adventures frustrates.

I was treated to a lovely sunset in the west enjoying a hot mug of tea as the temperature plummeted with the loss of the suns warmth. Trending towards winter sleeping bag territory now I was glad I’d brought the extra warmth of my big down bag. Snuggled up against the cold I drifted off listening to the soft patter of the rain on my shelter, a sound I’ve strangely missed.