Leeds Architecture

Originally Published 21/5/2010

Do we really see things? I mean do we really look? I ask in that I was recently struck by the detail in some of the buildings in central Leeds which I had walked past may times without actually really seeing.

Leeds is quite fortunate in that a lot interesting architecture has survived the war and the planning aberrations of the sixties and seventies (the aberrations are there all-right but don’t get in the way that much). I’m not talking about buildings of national significance but interesting architecture that gives a bit of character.

These thoughts got me up and into town at the ungodly hour of 5.00 in order to roam around with my camera staring upwards without the worry of causing a major nuisance. I hope the images below inspire you to take a closer look at your home town. Who knows what you may find?

Leeds Town Hall is actually grade one listed and one of the finest in the country.

So is Kirkgate Market

I cycle past this old Synagogue every day on the way to work

The Civic Crest crops up on quite a few buildings. For some reason in it’s wisdom Leeds has chosen to include a dead sheep.

I really like this old church, which is now used to sell underware.

Relief carving showing traders, priests, and Red Indians??

Rather nice building which fortunately shields the abominable station house till the last minute.

Statues on the former Post Office building (City Square). Note the civic owl below the high middle window.

Possibly the least intrusive Starbucks I’ve seen

I like the colour and carvings on this.

Interesting style! Also does a good job of hiding West Yorkshire House.

Fine use for an old church. Now a temple to the new Gods. The O2 Academy.

The Academy again. Note the dead sheep centre.