Almscliffe Crag

A quick trip to Almscliffe for sunset.

Almscliffe (4 of 2)Almscliffe (5 of 2)


Drax From Garrowby Hill

I had an image I wanted set in my mind;  called it powerhouse is pictured the three Aire Valley power stations all in a line with columns of steam rising vertically into a blue sky from their cooling towers on a cold cloudless day.  Together they are capable of delivering about 15% of UK energy demand and are located less than 20 miles apart giving a unique photo opportunity..

That image will have to remain ephemeral as Ferrybridge closed this spring leaving just Eggborough (its execution postponed a year) and Drax running. After a couple of visits to Garrowby Hill I’m still trying to get a clear image, the view from the ridge is spectacular out over the Vale of York but has always been misty. I have also been foiled in that Eggbrorough has not been running as being an unmodified coal station it is always one of the first to be shut off when other sources of power become available. Drax (1 of 3)Drax (2 of 3)Drax (3 of 3)Drax (4 of 1)


Despite living only 10 miles from the Chevin a ridge perched high above Otley I have not visited it for more than 15 years, that was a mistake! The view north is spectacular and its a great place to watch the sun set.

Chevin (1 of 3)

Looking towards Almscliff Crag

Chevin (2 of 3)

Chevin (3 of 3)

Sunset towards Ilkley

Arthington Viaduct

Another new location for me except this one is really close to home just off one of my usual cycle routes. I’ve always liked how the viaduct sits in the landscape but had assumed being lazy and not checking a map that it was not possible to get close. Earlier this week whilst looking at the map for other reasons I noted a short footpath runs alongside the River Wharfe so this morning headed down at 5:30 (horrible hour on a Sunday!).

The river was virtually mirror still with tendrils of mist rising from its surface giving a good reflection of the arches in the water. However I had the sun rapidly rising in the shot (need to learn to plan round this) and it was a bit too cloudy giving light that was nothing special but I could practice the composition and deploy two tricks to cheat the conditions.

My recent purchase of the big stopper allowed me to take a long exposure and give some blurring of sky and water (plus the swans which refused to leave the frame), the second strategy was to take three bracketed images over and under exposed by one stop and combine later in HDR.

Arthington Viaduct (1 of 3)

F7.1, 25 seconds with Lee Big Stopper

Arthington Viaduct (2 of 3)

Arthington Viaduct (3 of 3)

HDR of three images at F11

Ullswater Scouting Trip

I’m trying to scout at least one new location every week regardless of conditions so I have the spots in mind when the weather opportunities for good pictures arrive. This week I wild camped above Ullswater where there is a great view down the lake towards Hellvellyn. Both sunset and sunrise proved t be very hazy though so the images are not great, the best is below and shows the locations potential.

It was still good to sleep on top of a hill though, even if I did get the matches wet and have to start the morning sans tea!

Lakes (2 of 2)

Ullswater – Stitch of two images

Stop on Down

I’ve recently purchased a Lee Big Stopper, a rather wallet denting bit of glass that allows you to stop down exposures by a factor of 10. Having seen many stunning images where the filter brings a different look to water and clouds I was keen to head out and experiment.

Swaledale is known for its waterfalls and these looked to be a great place to start. Despite quite showery and blustery conditions I’m please with my first efforts.

Keld waterfalls (1 of 3)

Kidson Force

Keld waterfalls (2 of 3)

Kidson Force

Keld waterfalls (3 of 3)

Unknown fall