Drax From Garrowby Hill

I had an image I wanted set in my mind;  called it powerhouse is pictured the three Aire Valley power stations all in a line with columns of steam rising vertically into a blue sky from their cooling towers on a cold cloudless day.  Together they are capable of delivering about 15% of UK energy demand and are located less than 20 miles apart giving a unique photo opportunity..

That image will have to remain ephemeral as Ferrybridge closed this spring leaving just Eggborough (its execution postponed a year) and Drax running. After a couple of visits to Garrowby Hill I’m still trying to get a clear image, the view from the ridge is spectacular out over the Vale of York but has always been misty. I have also been foiled in that Eggbrorough has not been running as being an unmodified coal station it is always one of the first to be shut off when other sources of power become available. Drax (1 of 3)Drax (2 of 3)Drax (3 of 3)Drax (4 of 1)


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