Scalber Force

With an overcast and rainy week big sweeping landscape vista was out so I visited Scalber Force near Settle. Although very close to the road its a bit of a treacherous approach into a steep gully.

I had intended to take some shots with my big stopper but arrived quite late and due to the setting was able to get 15 second exposures without the need for a filter at all as it was really getting a bit dark.

With a bit of a tweak in Lightroom they have come out better than I expected, slightly too much green but that is mainly given the time if year, I think this will be a good autumn venue.

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A Microadventure on The Purbeck Hills

I have wanted to photograph Corfe Castle for a long time but the distance from Leeds always makes this a challenge. I did manage to get away last weekend and following a bivy on the Purbeck hills which overlook the castle managed to capture these two images of the sunrise.

The ruins of the towers have a start beauty to them and I love how the curtain walls drape themselves over the hill. The castle is situated on a knoll in a gap in the ridge of the Purbeck hills an imposing position which must have looked spectacular when the castle was in its prime. Defensively strong it was one of the last holdouts of the King during the civil war and was ordered to be demolished by parliament following its surrender

There are a great number of other locations on the Jurassic coast I did not have time to visit but its certainly a place worth returning to.

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A Damp and Windy Microadventure in the Dales

My new idea is to use short simple overnight wild camping and bivying trips or microadventures  as an excuse to get out early and late with my camera and hopefully capture some great images. The first was to a location was one I had visited before, Twistleton Scar which offers a great viewpoint over Ingleborough and also the opportunity to capture some of the Ingleton waterfalls in the morning.

It did not turn out well, despite being July it tipped it down in gusty wind. I arrived late, found some semi flat ground and pitched my tent (having decided not to bivy as I lack a tarp) cross ways into the wind, whoops! Come morning the rain was worse and any hope of nice long exposure on the waterfalls gone. Needless to say I can only improve from here!


How Twistleton should look on a good day.

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Not a good day!

An Alpine Adventure

I’ve recently returned from a few weeks in the Alps hiking and cycling up some of the classic climbs that resonate with cyclists for there history, and beauty. The landscapes were spectacular; the sheer scale and grander of the Verdon Gorge, the moonscape of the summit screes on the col d’Izoard, or the sinuous windings of the asphalt on the Col du Glandon.

I found the photographic conditions quite difficult, mornings saw the valleys in shadow protected from the suns rays by the mountains giving very contrasted images. Later the power of the sun was overwhelming washing out the sky. Below are some of the better images I took, hopefully the inspire you to get out on a bike and ride, its amazing where they can take you.

alps (3 of 6)alps (4 of 6)alps (9 of 8)alps (10 of 8)alps (12 of 8)alps (14 of 8)Angel (1 of 1)