A Damp and Windy Microadventure in the Dales

My new idea is to use short simple overnight wild camping and bivying trips or microadventures  as an excuse to get out early and late with my camera and hopefully capture some great images. The first was to a location was one I had visited before, Twistleton Scar which offers a great viewpoint over Ingleborough and also the opportunity to capture some of the Ingleton waterfalls in the morning.

It did not turn out well, despite being July it tipped it down in gusty wind. I arrived late, found some semi flat ground and pitched my tent (having decided not to bivy as I lack a tarp) cross ways into the wind, whoops! Come morning the rain was worse and any hope of nice long exposure on the waterfalls gone. Needless to say I can only improve from here!


How Twistleton should look on a good day.

micro (7 of 2)

Not a good day!


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