A Microadventure on The Purbeck Hills

I have wanted to photograph Corfe Castle for a long time but the distance from Leeds always makes this a challenge. I did manage to get away last weekend and following a bivy on the Purbeck hills which overlook the castle managed to capture these two images of the sunrise.

The ruins of the towers have a start beauty to them and I love how the curtain walls drape themselves over the hill. The castle is situated on a knoll in a gap in the ridge of the Purbeck hills an imposing position which must have looked spectacular when the castle was in its prime. Defensively strong it was one of the last holdouts of the King during the civil war and was ordered to be demolished by parliament following its surrender

There are a great number of other locations on the Jurassic coast I did not have time to visit but its certainly a place worth returning to.

Corfe (1 of 1)

corfe (8 of 2)


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