Waterfalls of the North Yorkshire Moors

I spent the weekend seeking out a few of the waterfalls on the moors for a project where I will return throughout the year to record images throughout the seasons looking for the changes in character of the falls.

I managed to get to three locations and confirmed earlier findings in the Dales that photographing waterfalls usually involves clambering down steep slopes, over rocks and through rivers. My kayaking shoes proved very useful for both grip and set up in the middle of the stream!

I took my Big Stopper but being summer the greenery is lush at the moment casting a lot of shade and I only needed it at Thomason Force.

Mallayn Spout (1 of 1)

Mallyan Spout

Thormason Force (1 of 1)

Thormason Force

Falling Foss (2 of 1)

Falling Foss

Falling Foss (1 of 1)

Falling Foss


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