North Yorkshire Moors Bikepacking Microadventure

Rather late to the party I’ve joined the bikepacking revolution, and it really is a case of “what took you so long”. I do have an off road trailer for my bikes, but its bulky, does not get out much and certainly does not suit the term lightweight.

Spring is certainly in the air at the moment and with the clocks going forward a package dropped through the door containing lots of colourful bikepacking kit, perfect for escaping for a night out even when you need to be at work the following day. I didn’t need to go far to try it out, I’d had a location in mind for a while, close to the top of Sutton Bank where the North York Moors drop away giving stunning views out over North Yorkshire. It’s possibly my favourite view in England, looking down from the height of the moors over the much flatter terrain of the Vale of York.

For backpacking its perfect too as a bridleway runs right along the edge of the moors making it really easy to get to.


Packed and ready to ride

My Trailstar was the obvious choice shelter, light, stable and I hoped big enough to contain the bike as well. Optimistically I also packed my lightweight summer sleeping bag which turned out be be a mistake. Arriving at the viewpoint I tucked myself away in a small patch of trees hoping to gain a little shelter from a fresh wind and pitched up as the sun began to set.

Its a location I often visit for sunset as the cliffs and trees can be washed with a beautiful light from the sinking sun. Today was unfortunately not one of those days but it was till nice to be sitting watching the light fade with a warm cup of tea in hand.


The Finest View in England? (taken on an earlier visit)


The Trailstar easily has enough space to swallow my bike

Taking the front wheel off my bike meant in fitted easily inside the shelter whilst still leaving plenty of room to cook and sleep. The only slight drawback is the Trailstar requires a couple of walking poles which, although collapsable took a bit of thinking when packing.

Come morning everything disappeared back into the bike packing bags within 20 min and I was off back to my desk (via a shower obviously). There can’t be an easier way of having an adventure.




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