Buttermere Microadventure

With the last colours of autumn fading I wanted to get out with the camera and try and capture some good images in the Lakes. Saturday was a bit overcast and made for poor images but I hoped Sunday would be better and if not the idea was to find a waterfall which is always a good fall back option when conditions crap out.

I camped Saturday night just above Buttermere as I wanted to try and take the classic view of the lake familiar from many others photographs. Its an unoriginal but great view, trees reflected in the still waters of the lake as the sun rises over the peak of Haystacks in the background.


In the end I was not disappointed, the overcast sky lit up well in the morning and I took some lovely images before the sun rose above the clouds and the light went flat. With big landscapes shots now obviously out for the day I walked up to explore Scale Force, the highest waterfall in the Lakes with a tremendous main drop go 35m down a narrow gorge. I took some nice images and got excited with the though of how the route would look in winter, apparently it form a good grade five which I can possibly persuade someone to drag me up.


I finished the day with a hike up to Red Pike whose summit was lost in cloud and being beaten by a bitter wind, before dropping steeply back to Buttermere via Bleberry Tarn. My legs certainly felt a little out of condition, not a good sign before what I hope to be a big winter of ski touring and winter climbing. I’ve spent too much time recently visiting easily accessible viewpoints with my camera rather than going for a big walk with my camera and taking what comes. Best get training…



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