Misty Morning Microadventure

Bamford Edge is a great viewpoint down onto Ladybower Reservoir and the elegant bridges that skip across the water carrying the Snake Pass. I wanted to photograph an early autumn  sunrise in the hope there would be a bit of an inversion over the Derwent Valley, so took a punt on the forecast for Wednesday morning and decided to camp to avoid an early start.

Arriving just too late to get any sunset pictures I chatted with some photographers who had been there a few hours and learned the sunset and been a bit poor anyway. Coming into autumn I’m now taking a tent outer with me to use as a tarp for a little extra shelter and pitched up on the top of the cliff giving a brilliant view of the reservoir; as long as I don’t suddenly start to sleepwalk!

Unfortunately morning dawned far too misty to take any decent images but is still a great location for a wild camp.


A Misty Morning


Taken many moons ago on a better day


Back when I used to climb stuff!


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